16mm Brontosaurus Marbles

16mm Brontosaurus Marbles are Azure blue with black swirl player marbles.  25 marbles, which are about 16mm or 5/8 inch.




Marbles come in an endless variety of designs, and the 16mm Brontosaurus Marbles are a true standout. With their azure blue solid base adorned with striking black stripes, these marbles exude a cool and captivating vibe. The combination of the vibrant blue base and the bold black stripes creates a visually stunning marble. When held up to light or rolled on a surface, the contrasting colors and patterns come to life, making these marbles truly mesmerizing.

In the realm of marbles, the 16mm Brontosaurus Marbles pay homage to the mighty and majestic brontosaurus. These incredible creatures, known for their immense size and gentle nature, have long captured our fascination. Just like the dinosaurs themselves, these marbles command attention and ignite the imagination. The azure blue base represents the expansive sky, while the black stripes symbolize the strength and grace of the brontosaurus.

Playing with 16mm Brontosaurus Marbles brings joy and entertainment, just like any other marbles. Their slightly larger size makes them easy to handle and perfect for various marble games. Whether you’re collecting, trading, or engaging in friendly competitions, these marbles hold the potential for endless fun and excitement. The combination of the vibrant colors and captivating patterns evokes a sense of wonder, sparking the imagination and transporting players to prehistoric times.

As with any toy, it’s important to prioritize safety while playing with marbles. Ensure you follow any recommended age restrictions (Suitable for 5yrs and Up), and supervise young children appropriately to prevent choking hazards or accidents. By playing responsibly, you can fully embrace the cool and captivating nature of the 16mm Brontosaurus Marbles, immersing yourself in the world of dinosaurs while enjoying the timeless pleasure of playing with marbles.

Additional information

Weight 7 oz
Dimensions 6 × 9 × 1 in