25mm Figaro Marbles

Included are 2 (Two) handmade 25mm Figaro marbles are vibrant red, orange, white, aqua swirls.   Typical measurement is about 25mm or 1 inch; sold individually,




Included are 2 (Two)  25MM Figaro Marbles.  The are a highly sought-after type of handmade marbles that share similarities with the Wurlitzer Handmade Marbles. Here’s a summary of why 25mm Figaro Marbles, specifically featuring aqua blue instead of royal blue, are considered cool and desirable:

  1. Handmade Craftsmanship: Similar to Wurlitzer Marbles, Figaro Marbles are meticulously crafted by skilled artisans, ensuring that each marble is unique and showcases exceptional craftsmanship. The handmade process adds authenticity and artistic value, making them highly coveted by collectors.
  2. Size and Visual Appeal: Figaro Marbles often come in a diameter of 25mm or larger, falling into the larger size range. This size allows for more intricate designs and patterns, enhancing their visual appeal. With the aqua blue coloration, these marbles offer a visually striking and captivating aesthetic that sets them apart.
  3. Premium Materials and Unique Colors: Figaro Marbles are typically made from high-quality glass or other premium materials, ensuring their durability and shine. What sets them apart is the use of aqua blue coloration instead of royal blue. The vibrant aqua blue hue adds a distinct and eye-catching element to the marbles, making them stand out in collections and capturing the attention of marble enthusiasts.

Similar to Wurlitzer Marbles, Figaro Marbles hold significant collectible value due to their handmade nature, limited production quantities, and unique coloration. They can be appreciated for their craftsmanship, size, premium materials, and visually appealing aqua blue colors. Whether you are a collector, marble enthusiast, or simply appreciate beautiful objects, Figaro Marbles with their aqua blue color provide an artistic and desirable addition to marble collections.

Be sure to keep the kids safe.  RECOMMENDED ONLY FOR THOSE 5+



Additional information

Weight 4 oz
Dimensions 6 × 9 × 1 in