25mm Glow Ball Marbles

25mm Glow Ball Marbles are hand made, and glow in the dark each is about 25mm or about 1″.  We sell them in sets of 2.


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Glow Ball Marbles are sizable at 25mm and are renowned for their unique features. Each marble possesses a textured surface and a vibrant lime green color that is not only visually captivating in daylight but also mesmerizing when they glow in the dark.

The textured surface of these marbles adds an extra dimension to their appearance, providing a tactile and visually stimulating experience for marble enthusiasts. When exposed to darkness, the marbles emit a captivating glow, enhancing their allure and making them stand out in any collection or display.

The striking lime green hue creates a visually pleasing and dynamic aesthetic. During the day, the marbles showcase their vibrant color, and as night falls, they transform into glowing orbs, offering a delightful and magical ambiance.

Similar to Figaro and Wurlitzer Marbles, Glow Ball Marbles are typically crafted with precision. The craftsmanship involved ensures that each marble is carefully textured and showcases meticulous attention to detail, providing both an artistic and tactile delight.

The combination of texture, size, and the ability to glow in the dark makes Glow Ball Marbles highly desirable among collectors who appreciate the unique and enchanting qualities they bring to a collection. We recommend acquiring a set to enhance your marble collection and experience their captivating glow.

Glow Ball Marbles hold significant collectible value due to their distinctive features, including their size, texture, vibrant lime green color, and glow-in-the-dark ability. Collectors seek out these marbles to add to their collections, appreciating the distinct aesthetic appeal that sets them apart from other marble varieties. The rarity and uniqueness of Glow Ball Marbles contribute to their desirability and make them sought-after items among collectors.

Whether you are a collector, a marble enthusiast, or someone who appreciates artistic and visually appealing objects, Glow Ball Marbles with their vibrant lime green color, texture, and enchanting glow can make a fascinating and desirable addition to any marble collection.

Remember to handle marbles with care as then can be a choking hazard for the young ones (for 5yrs +) and embrace the magic of their glow, adding an extra element of fascination to your collection.

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