35mm Watermelon Marbles

Set of two 35mm Watermelon Marbles.  Translucent clear base with swirls inside each marble.  Typical measurement is about 35mm or 1 3/8  inch.




The 35mm Watermelon marbles are a delightful celebration of summer’s favorite fruit, capturing the essence of juicy watermelons within glass spheres. This game introduces marbles that beautifully embody the vibrant colors and refreshing appeal of this beloved treat.

Featuring a transparent base adorned with swirls of bright orange, rich red, and sunny yellow, the 35mm Watermelon glass marbles perfectly emulate the mouthwatering appearance of a slice of watermelon. This infusion of colors brings a sense of playfulness to the game.

Pair these marbles with the Watermelon Game Net for an all-encompassing marble game experience. Each marble showcases its own unique and mesmerizing design, reminiscent of the delightful world of summer picnics and watermelon feasts.

The 35mm Watermelon marbles infuse the spirit of summer into a captivating marble game. The fusion of transparent glass and vivid swirls captures the essence of watermelons, making these marbles a charming choice for both gameplay and relishing the aesthetics of a seasonal favorite.

As with all marbles, it’s important to handle them with care, considering their small size and the potential choking hazard they pose. This game is recommended for individuals aged 5 and older, ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience for players of appropriate age.

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Additional information

Weight 6 oz
Dimensions 6 × 9 × 1 in