Classic Marbles Game Net

Tradition Lives!!!!  Classic Marbles Game Net includes 10oz of mixed assortment, randomn colored, marbles (one 35mm boulder, one to two 25mm shooters and  various 14mm and 16mm marbles)




The Classic Marbles game net is a set of marbles made of glass. These marbles are created by machines and are known for being really good quality. Each set of marbles has different colors and patterns on them, some are see-through, some are partially see-through, and some are solid colors.

In one Classic Marbles game net, you usually get around 45 to 50 marbles. The set includes different types of marbles, like a big one called the Boulder, two special ones called Assorted Shooters, about 35 regular marbles for playing, and some smaller ones called Assorted Peewee Marbles. The Boulder is the largest, about 1 ¼ inches wide, the shooters are a bit smaller, about 1 inch wide, the regular marbles are about 3/8 to 5/8 inches wide, and the peewees are about ½ inch wide. All the marbles are round.

When you buy the Classic Marbles game net, you get the whole set of marbles, which weighs about 10 ounces. The sizes and colors of the marbles may be a little different from set to set.

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WARNING: But please be careful because these marbles can be a choking hazard, so they are not safe for children under 5 years old.

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Weight 8 oz