Green Python Marbles Game Net

Net of Green Python Marbles Game Net include 25 green and white translucent marbles  (one 25mm shooter & twenty four 16mm players)




Introducing Green Python Marbles, an enchanting glass marble game inspired by the elegance and mystique of green pythons. This captivating game brings the beauty of these serpents to life through a mesmerizing collection of glass marbles, featuring a rich spectrum of green hues and intricate patterns reminiscent of the snakes’ exquisite scales.

Inside the Green Python Marbles Game Net, you’ll discover a treasure trove of glass marbles showcasing striking combinations of vibrant greens, ranging from deep emerald to brilliant lime. These captivating colors, along with the mesmerizing patterns, capture the allure and grace of a green python, infusing a thrilling dimension into the game.

The net includes marbles of various sizes, each meticulously crafted to mimic the visual splendor of a green python. Among these marbles, you’ll find a prominent marble known as the “shooter marble.” The shooter marble is typically 25mm in diameter, which is approximately 1 inch, making it noticeably larger than the standard player marbles.

With the Green Python Marbles Game Net, you’ll have everything you need to embark on an exhilarating marble game adventure. Each marble boasts its own unique design, featuring the captivating patterns that mirror the vibrant and mysterious characteristics of a green python.

As you delve into this engaging game, please remember to handle marbles with care, as they are small objects that can pose a choking hazard. The Green Python Marbles Game is not suitable for children under 5 years old.

For any inquiries or if you’d like to delve deeper into the rules and strategies of the Green Python Marbles Game, feel free to reach out or visit our “Contact Us” page. Get ready to immerse yourself in the world of green pythons and marble gaming!

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Weight 7 oz
Dimensions 6 × 9 × 1 in