Serpent Marbles Game Net

Serpent Marbles Game Net is  25 light blue, and yellow solid swirl marbles  (one 25mm shooter & twenty four 16mm players)




The Serpent Marbles game net is a special game with colorful marbles. The marbles have a blue base with swirls of yellow, mustard, dark blue, and brown. Inside the net, you’ll find 24 smaller marbles for the players and one bigger marble called the shooter.

In the Serpent Marbles game net, you can shoot the marbles and surprise your opponent by “biting” their marbles. It’s like a snake moving and attacking! The player marbles are about the size of a nickel, while the shooter marble is a bit bigger.

Remember, when playing with the Serpent Marbles game net, be careful not to put the small marbles in your mouth as they can be dangerous. This game is suitable for ages 5 and up, so make sure you’re old enough to play safely.

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Weight 8 oz